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FROM KELLY'S SITE: "I was born in 1967 in Newport Beach, California. I am a Southern California girl that grew up on the beach. My father was an actor and a stunt man and my mother was an accountant. It's sort of funny because I star on my website and I also handle all the finances for the company. I guess it's in the genes. I have two older sisters and they spoiled me rotten. I loved being the baby of the family. I always wanted to perform and would dress my father and myself up and put on shows for the family. I loved to be in front of the camera when I was a kid. I was very loved and cared for and I am extremely thankful for my upbringing. I get asked a lot why I got in to this sort of business. I suppose I was always a very sexually inquisitive child. I loved to sneak into my older sister's bedroom and look at her husband's Hustler magazines. I imagined myself one day being one of those women with the ability to turn people on. I started early in life playing doctor with my cousin Janine Lindemulder. My cousin is a very famous adult starlet so I guess we have each other to thank. I soon became very interested in boys and when I was in highschool I dated the same guy for 3 years before going out to explore the world of men. And beleive me, I did my share of exploring. I dated every kind of nationality out there. I did well in school and was contemplating a career in Medicine when my father grew ill with Alzheimer's. I stayed home from college to help take care of him. That was hard on me and I suffered from Anorexia from the age of 19 to 22. I went from being a scrawny no breasted twig in high school to a voluptuous DD woman in only 2 years. I thought if I stopped eating my breasts would go away, well they didn't. I got down to about 110 lbs and I still had big titties. I sought out medical help and I got it. I learned it wasn't so much about weight or breasts but it was about control and more so the feelings of not having any control over my life. I have now had almost 15 years of recovery and now I love my breasts. My father passed during that time I then began a career in sales since I didn't need a degree and I could make a lot of money. I worked hard and wanted to have my own business. I had made a few attempts but had never reached the success that I was looking for. My mother then became ill and I became her caretaker. It was a long road of open-heart surgery, respiratory problems, and then finally, kidney failure. I never stopped looking for ways to make her better but her body was falling apart faster then I could put it back together. I was busy taking care of Mom and working to get ahead when I changed companies and took a position as VP of Sales at a computer graphics firm. I was 33 and in a long-term relationship when I noticed Ryan. He was on my staff as a graphic artist. He was fresh out of college and living on his own for the first time. I knew it was wrong to have these feelings for this young man but I just couldn't resist. He would flirt with me at work and even though he was only 22, we just connected. Our flirting turned into a passionate relationship that we kept a secret from everyone. We kept it quiet for a few months but then we started getting caught having sex in the office. I was the boss so it wasn't a good thing. Ryan and I decided to start our own business in the porn industry so we could have sex all day if we wanted. Now that's a good solid business plan. Actually I was never going to be the talent in our business. I was going to be talent coordinator. We rented an old warehouse built in the 1930's. It had potholes and rats and walls full of mold. We (actually Ryan did 99% of the work but I like to take credit for it as well) tore down walls, put in flooring, built new walls and painted and decorated. We had a 1500 square foot studio to shoot our videos in. All we needed were the girls. We put in ads and the results were scary. The girls were so undependable and really not that attractive. Ryan turned to me and suggested I be the model. I was reluctant at first but then soon jumped on the idea and that is how KellyMadison.com began. We were using me as a sort of test model in the beginning to see if we could make our business work. I moved my Mother close to where our warehouse was located. We had to move her not only to take better care of her but we also needed a shower! We look back and laugh now but we had no shower and we lived in an old run down warehouse where we would shoot all of our content. My Mother passed soon after we started my website. She fully approved of what I was doing and knew that I was extremely happy in my relationship with Ryan and I was greatly enjoying my work. She believed in us even when we had nothing. Now that's a great Mom. I've had a lot of life altering experiences and it has changed me for the better. I am much more empathetic and patient then I was when I was younger. I also appreciate those that are close to me. I adore my fans. I love to express myself and do so through my stories, and costumes and skits that I do on my site. It's hard to say what area I enjoy more, running a successful company or performing in front of the camera. I do know for sure that I am very happy and I am so thankful for all the wonderful people and close friends that I have met in this industry."
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