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Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie
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AVN Award Nominee Claudia-Marie entered the porn industry in Feb. 2007 when she flew to Los Angeles and shot 3 scenes for Naughty America. She had never been in an adult movie before in her life. She had never been a stripper or a hooker or anything at all related to adult entertainment. At the time she shot the scenes she was a singer in a band in South Carolina. And a housewife milf. Her husband had been working in the online adult industry since the mid-1990's. For years he had tried to convince Claudia-Marie that she should be in the biz. But she was just a shy girl from the Carolina's. She was scared to death of getting naked and having sex in front of people. But after that initial trip, and the reaction of the people at Naughty America...her husband quickly purchased full production gear and began shooting scenes of Claudia-Marie. At the beginning of May 2007 Claudia-Marie.Com opened it's doors. Claudia-Marie and her husband were unsure of what would happen. Would anybody come to the site? Would anybody even notice it? The answer was a resounding HELL YES!!! It turns out that Claudia-Marie already had thousands of fans all over the world who had seen her pictures from her band playing on her My Space. They were eagerly awaiting to FINALLY see her big tits naked. And they not only got that...but they got to see MUCH more. Claudia-Marie has proven that a real woman having REAL sex on camera is 1000 times better than the fake bullshit produced by "Porn Valley" in California. Within a couple of months of opening the site, Claudia-Marie became the highest ranked solo girl site in the world according to Alexa traffic ratings. It remains so to this day. Why is Claudia-Marie far more popular than all those supposed "stars" from L.A.? Simple. She has that super sexy southern accent. And then she LOVES having sex! Her big personality comes through in every way. Here is a "for instance". I've been on the set of many porn shoots using those same girls that they hire from the talent agencies in L.A. You know the ones I'm talking about because you can see them fucking on every porn site out there. On one site they'll have those girls in pigtails and call them a "teen". And then you can surf to another site and it's the same girl with glasses on and her hair in a bun and she's suddenly a "milf" LOL! And when I have been on sets with those girls...let me tell you, they are punching the time clock. There is absolutely NOTHING real about the sex they are having. And when the director has to stop shooting for a moment to adjust the lighting or fix something...it's like a switch goes off on those girls and they just STOP. Their faces go blank, they jump off the bed and cover themselves, and don't even look at the guy who was just fucking them! Then when the director is ready to resume shooting, the second that "record" light is on the cam....that girl is moaning and groaning and fucking like she's in heat. Then when the shoot is over, she collects her money and leaves. No passion. Well, when I shoot Claudia-Marie's scenes it's the exact opposite. She actually has an orgasm in every scene she is in! And when I have to stop the camera to adjust something....Claudia-Marie doesn't stop fucking. BECAUSE IT'S REAL WITH CLAUDIA-MARIE! So welcome to the number one solo girl site in the world..the home of the number one big tit pornstar in the world. And not because a handful of guys in Los Angeles try to force feed it to you....but because YOU the people have chosen her. Welcome to CLAUDIA-MARIE.COM The hottest scenes of Claudia-Marie including hardcore sex, group sex, anal sex, double penetration, interracial sex, and much more! Live camshows for members. A members only forum and an email form to email Claudia-Marie personally. And don't forget...members of Claudia-Marie.Com have the opportunity to FUCK Claudia-Marie on camera and become a porn star! Claudia-Marie now has GIANT FAKE TITS! OH YEAH!!!
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