Holly Halston Bio
Name : Holly Halston
Ska :
Fob : 12-31-1974
Height : 5'6"
Weight: 140
Measurements: 36E-30-40
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Ethnicity: White

Official site : Holly Halston
Biography : Holly Halston was born in Hollywood, California and grew up wanting nothing more then to just be a mom staying home and baking cookies. Well she is! That is when she's not on the road fucking, sucking and dancing. Holly became a dancer at 18 and ended up marrying pornstar Troy Halston. While she does do hardcore, she and Troy remain monogamous - they don't do hardcore with anyone else. In fact they are the only porn couple that are monogamous. Her family life is pretty boring, as she describes it. She has had 3 daughters with Troy and also raises a daughter of his from another marriage. When she's at home she's just mom. When she hits the road it's another story as this sex kitten pounces on Troy's cock like newlyweds. Holly has had two boob jobs and is suing (or was) the last doctor because he didn't make them big enough. I've listed her as a triple D but I think she might just be a double D in some of the pictures. I haven't seen any DDD pics of her but she might be that size now.
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